Course: Middle Distance

TRIAMSTERDAM has a beautifully designed course where athletes have the opportunity to experience Amsterdam at its finest. Former participants have stated that the course is a perfect journey that mixes both metropolitan city landscapes with natural scenery.

Our aim is to create a course that is exciting, beautiful and at all times as safe as possible. We always have to respect the governing road authorities, thus there may be minor changes to the course. If this is the case, we will inform you as soon as possible.

Swim course

TRIAMSTERDAM starts with a beautiful swimming loop in the Amstel river. The swimming course starts at the level of the iconic Berlagebrug, located in the middle of the business center of Amsterdam. Once in the water you will be overlooked by the tall buildings and be eyelevel with traditional houseboats along the waterfront. After having completed the first half of the swimming course, you will turn turnaround after the Utrecht bridge and swim back towards the transition zone.

The swimming course will begin with a traditional rolling start. Every five seconds five athletes will go into water, preventing a chaotic start.

The swimming course for the Middle Distance consists of 1 lap of 1.9 kilometers.

Bike course

Check out the Fly-Over of the Bike Course:

The bike course leads you via the streets of Amsterdam to Diemen and to Driemond, along characteristic roads and windmills. The moment you leave the borders of Amsterdam you enter the iconic lowlands of the Netherlands. Via Driemond you follow the Amsterdam Rijnkanaal to Abcoude.

We are in discussion with the Municipality of de Ronde Venen to add the Gein near Abcoude to the parcours. This beautiful piece of nature has a rich history and would be an amazing addition to the TRIAMSTERDAM course. The Gein is part of the Stelling van Amsterdam. You'll also see the Oostzijdse Molen and the Broekzijder Molen there. And a number of monumental farms in the Gein once belonged to the Amsterdam nobility. Around 1905 the river and it's surroundings was often captured by painter Piet Mondriaan. A unique piece of phenomenal nature so close to our capital!

After Abcoude you will bike back north via the Ouderkerkerplas, following the river Amstel to the transition zone in Amsterdam.

The cycling course for the Middle Distance consists of 2 laps of 45 kilometers.

Running course

Finally, you will run four laps of 5.25km alongside the Amstel River. The design of the course will allow you to feel the positive energy of the city of Amsterdam. After each round you will pass the finish area, where you will be able taste the atmosphere of the grand reception that awaits you. At the end of the last round you will run towards the finish area and go through the finish line. Your dedication and performance will be accompanied by a party. You have now finished TRIAMSTERDAM!

The running course for the Middle Distance consists of 4 laps of 5.25 kilometers.

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