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TRIAMSTERDAM will take place on Sunday June 30th in 2019.

What are the race distances of TRIAMSTERDAM?

TRIAMSTERDAM has an Olympic Distance (1.5 - 45 - 10) and a Half Distance (1.9 - 90 - 21.1).

You can choose to compete as an individual or in a relay team on both distances. In the case of a relay team, each team member will take on one of the 3 disciplines of the olympic or half triathlon. A team can consist of 2 or 3 athletes. If the team consists of 2 athletes, one of them will complete 2 of the three disciplines of the race.

When does the registration for TRIAMSTERDAM close?

Registration will close on Friday June 21 in 2019 at midnight or when our full capacity is reached. It is not possible to register on raceday.

Who is organizing TRIAMSTERDAM?

TRIAMSTERDAM is being organized by Amsterdam Sport Events. You can find more info on this on the About Us page.

What does registration cost?

You can find the specification of the price per distance on the Entry Fees page.

What is included with the registration?

You can find a list of what's included on the entry fees page here.

I am not a member of a triathlon federation. Can I still register for TRIAMSTERDAM?

Yes, even if you are not a member of the triathlon federation of your country, you can still compete. The Dutch triathlon federation NTB offers the possibility to get a license valid for raceday. You will have to purchase this license with your registration for TRIAMSTERDAM.

I have an 'aspirant-lidmaatschap' from the NTB (Dutch triathlon federation). Can I register for TRIAMSTERDAM with this license?

Partially. The 'aspirant-lidmaatschap' is valid for races with a distance up to an Olympic Distance. These licenses contain the letter 'X'.

To register for the Half distance, you need to have an A-license or should opt for a day license.

What does a day license cost?

For the Olympic Distance the day license costs € 10,-.

The day license for the Half Distance costs € 30,-.

Can I compete with a membership of a federation other than a triathlon federation?

No. The Dutch triathlon federation (NTB) only allows members of a triathlon federation to compete in Olympic and Half distance races. Membership at a non-triathlon federation means buying the day license.

I am a member of the triathlon federation of my country (not NL). Can I use this license for registration?

If you have an A-license with the triathlon federation in your country, you can use it to register for TRIAMSTERDAM. To find out if you have an A-license, please check the membership plans with your federation.

How can I get in touch with TRIAMSTERDAM?

For questions concerning you registration, please send an email to

For all other questions or comments please contact us via the contact form.

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