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What is your company's activities plan for 2019? Are you all gonna run that same 10 mile race again just like you've been doing for the last decade or are you in for something new? A real challenge? One that will not only dare you, but all your colleagues! And all those co-workers who where never able to join a run, can join this challenge. Because if you can't run, you can probably swim or bike. So team up and become a triathlete! TRIAMSTERDAM dares you all to become triathletes!

To reach your goal and get to the finish line, we, Amsterdam Sport Events, will lead you to the start. Call it an original vitality program or a very interesting team building concept. Maybe it's just a brilliant combination of both. Fact is we can and will prepare you and your colleagues. You will be trained only by former Olympic athletes. It will be a lot of fun and you will be amazed about your own progress and results. Together you will be strong and together, solo or as a relay team, you will finish the TRIAMSTERDAM on June 30th 2019.

Check out the 1 minute movie below and feel the joy of the groups that competed last year!

For more information please contact Lars on +31 (0)6 55 10 67 67 or

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