About us

Triathlon is getting bigger and bigger and in Holland it's no different. The Dutch are known worldwide to organize high quality events. We want to offer you the icing on the cake: TRIAMSTERDAM! To bring this event to life, we always work close with the several municipalities to optimize our course. Let us introduce ourselves.

Amsterdam Sport Events is an organization specialized in triathlon events. These events take place in or near Amsterdam during the triathlon season. Annually we work on at least 5 events and, for the 5th year in a row, hosted more than 10% of all the triathlon competitors in the Netherlands.

A special annual event of the 27 triathlons from the last 5 years is the Strongerthanever Challenge. A charity event where sports is used as inspiration for cancer patients.

Check out this years events on www.sportevents.amsterdam.

We believe that together TRIAMSTERDAM is possible. With support from the Dutch National Triathlon Union and the experiences from last year, we will bring Amsterdam the great triathlon it deserves. We hope to see you there!

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